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Weather Policy


Remember that SOCCER IS A GAME!  Health and safety of players should be our number one concern.

Parents have the primary responsibility for keeping their children safe.  Please be aware of weather conditions during practices and games, and be prepared to pick your child up early or keep them home if warranted. 


Click on the links below to get field status and/or sign up for alerts. 

Outdoor Facilities

Capitol Federal Sports Complex
Capitol Federal (Fountain Bluff) cancellation notifications will also be posted by your Team Administrators through your Sports Engine app and on SMV's Twitter page. 

Swope Soccer Village

Compass Minerals Sporting Fields


Indoor Facilities

Most indoor facilities will stay open and play games despite the outside weather conditions. The safety of our players, families and coaches is our top priority. At anytime, if you feel the road conditions are not safe for travel, and there has not been a cancellation notice sent out, please let your coach know that you will not be attending the scheduled game/event. 

If a training session at Z-Sports is cancelled due to the weather you will be notified through your Sports Engine app and on SMV's Twitter page.  In addition, if we need to cancel during a training session an air horn will sound. This means lightning or severe weather is in the area and all players need to leave the field immediately. 

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