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SMV Boys Teams

2022-23 Boys Teams

*Highest division teams are listed first.

SMV 2015 Man United Mousey Hargate
SMV 2014 Napoli Mousey Hargate
SMV 2014 Fiorentina Mousey Hargate
SMV 2013 Inter Milan Mousey Hargate
SMV 2013 AC Milan Sherrick Hilaire
SMV 2012 Liverpool Cole Loehr
SMV 2012 Liverpool II Cole Loehr
SMV 2012 Arsenal N/A
SMV 2011 Palmeiras Chris Dean
SMV 2011 Palmeiras II Chris Dean
SMV 2011 Barcelona Sherrick Hiliare
SMV 2010 Celtic Chris Dean/Jonny Brown/Josh White
SMV 2012 Celtic II Chris Dean
SMV 2010 Sao Paulo Chad Johnson
SMV 2009 PSG Chris Dean/Jonny Brown/Josh White
SMV 2009 Ajax Justin Unruh
SMV 2009 Man City Chad Johnson
SMV 2008 Bayern Munich Michael Eade
SMV 2008 Bayern Munich II Mark Knust
SMV 2008 Atletico Madrid Ted Sullivan
SMV 2008 Lazio Bryan Davenport
SMV 2007 Marseille Chad Newman
SMV 2007 America Bryan Olivas
SMV 2006 Boca Juniors Ted Sullivan
SMV 2005 Xerez Daniel Carrasco
SMV 2005 Leeds United Chad Johnson
SMV 2004 Real Betis Daniel Carrasco

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